All Wheel Drive Vehicles

The saying “power is nothing without control” is very true for the cars. Whatever power a car can have, if it doesn’t have better controlling, then all power will be of no use. Not only that even the distribution of the power is also very essential for the cars. Without it, sometimes you can be failed to control your car properly. To do this distribution of power the all wheel drive is the best system that you can have in your car. It is reported that the All Wheel Drive Vehicles are the best in comparison to its counterparts like 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive or rear wheel drive and so on.

All Wheel Drive VehiclesAll wheel drive is a process in which all the parts of a car operates as and when needed or all of them simultaneously. Due to this reason, it can give the driver better traction and handle power while driving. Though this technology empowers a car to use all 4 wheels constantly, but it’s more common that this kind of cars normally runs on a pair of wheels and at the time of emergency or need only the other pair engages in supporting the other pair of wheels. Though there are both advantages and disadvantages of this system.

Advantages of AWD system

There are certain advantages for which now the car companies are inclined to add this facility to their new models.

Traction: the biggest and one of the noteworthy advantages that can be gained from AWD is its superior traction quality. As in this system, all the 4 wheels work simultaneously thus even in worst road conditions or in ice or mud it can easily push forward the vehicle without any problem. Even when one or two wheels lost its traction due to slippery road condition then also it can go ahead with the help of its other two wheels. Thus, in most of All Wheel Drive Vehicles when the front wheels start to slip then the engine directs the power to the rear wheels.

Performance: performance and the handling are two most amazing benefits that can also be gained from most of the AWD cars. This is the reason most of the SUV’s with this facility can get faster acceleration even on the dry surfaces. The all wheel drive means most of the power of the engine can be shifted to the road without any delay. In these cases, the handling is also much better than other cars due to the AWD system. Because in AWD cars both the front wheels dedicated to control the steering or the sideways traction and the rear ones help to gain the forward traction and support the driving.

Weight distribution: the reason for providing more power packed performance of all the AWD cars may lie in its optimum weight distribution quality. As in order to provide the power to the rear wheels it needs more components there and thus, the weight of the engine in the front can be matched with the additional components weight in the back. Thus in this way the weight is distributed properly. Due to the better weight distribution, the handling is more consistent in these kinds of cars and the engineer gets a chance to divide the stress of the car evenly.

Off-road capacity: the cars with AWD system are appropriate for off-roading because due to this system the cars can drive smoothly even in the uneven terrain. As the traction can be gained from all the wheels so the cars can continue to move forward as long as there is contact between any of the wheels and the road surface.

Collision avoidance: accidents are not a rare scenario for the driver. So to get rid of them or at least to avoid it the AWD system is more appropriate than any other systems.  As the vehicles with AWD system comes with a superior handling and exceptional turning capability, so in a scenario where the accidents can be avoided by turning the car, the cars with AWD system is the best that you can get.

Thus, it can be seen that why the AWD cars are far better than its other counterparts and what are the benefits that can be reaped by using this system in the car.

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